PEACE ☮️ (prt1)
The night had rolled in over the lake, bringing with it a threat of downpour. The air was still, heavy and thick clouds blotted out stars. The once blue sky transformed into a vast expanse of jet-black. The sea glistened, mirroring the dazzling assemblage of the pale white moon. The moon was a wraith-silver disc hanging in the lonely sky. Lasers of moonlight, as bright as diamond-flame, turned the lake a-glow like melted platinum. The waves were a-glitter like curved scales. The faint wind brushed against the water’s surface, the ripples ruffled the stillness of the surface and shattered the reflection.
All the livestock had come in from the fields and could be heard chewing on the card, the goats let out a faint bleating sound as if in constant communication with each other, the cheerful laughter of the young children had faded away as the sun faded away bestowing its responsibility of lighting the sky to the moon and stars, a fire crackled faintly giving out a deem yellow light that illuminated a group of old men shielding themselves from the harsh cold, wrapped in cow and goat hides that had been skillfully made into coats by the women of the village.
This was not a normal occurrence in the village of Kamano, but the village elder, Kanodu had called a special gathering of the entire village, next to him was a large cow hide that seemed to be alive but on further investigation, a small girl could be seen peeking out of the thick cow hide this was his daughter, Rakeri he always kept her close though she always found a way to escape his strict supervision but on this particular occasion all members of the village were bubbling with anxiety to find out the reason why they had been called from their dwellings even the adventurous Rakeri was keen to find out the reason for her father’s impromptu meeting.
Kanodu cleared his voice bringing the entire gathering to a pin drop silence, all the attention was on him now, “my people, my children, my family you must all be filled with questions as to why I have called you here, well let me put your minds at rest, we as the people of Kamano are faced by an inevitable danger, one that none of us would have predicted or seen coming apart from the great seeing Gatonye of Dark hill , I recently took it upon myself to scale the dark hill and pay tribute to the great seeing prophet my expectations being to bring back news of our continued tranquility and peace in this great land but all that I bring back is a warning from the prophet, as soon as I had offered my sacrifice to the gods he turned to the great mountain to consult with them and as he turned to me his face had turned dark and a cold expression was all I could see on his face and his voice which is known to be louder than the Thenge war horn was low and shakey as he said,” my great leader for years your people have called this valley their home but this is to be no more for I have talked to the gods and they tell me of a great fire, they tell me of how our women will scream in anguish as they moan the deaths of their young ones, they tell me of our young men taking to arms against a most powerful adversary who will show no mercy he will take those who survive his wrath and their fates will be worse than those who will die on the battlefield our homes will be turned to ash our people will be scattered across this great country, but one will survive and will be the last remaining sounding song of the once-great village of Kamano.
Once Kanodu was done no sound could be heard from the people of the village since they all had witnessed the power of village prophet time and time again and they knew that his wisdom of the events to come came from the gods themselves, they all took to their huts and though they said nothing the expressions on their faces spoke volumes, fear had now taken over their ever cheerful personalities and at the time they had no understanding why the gods would send evil upon them since they always kept the ways of the gods.
The night went by faster than usual and as the sun rose the words of the prophet haunted the villager’s thoughts, caution was constantly preached to the you boys who went out to graze the livestock and to the young ladies tasked with fetching water from the lake they were warned against going beyond the perimeters of the village and to always find their way back home before darkness creeped in. The seasons came and went, as one moon gave rise to a different form of moon and slowly they forgot what had been prophesied to them but one cold evening as they slept, a loud moaning was heard coming from Kanodu’s hut but before they all could make it to the hut they weremet by news of the death of Kanodu, sadness gripped the entire village women could be heard from miles away moaning and screaming even the men could not hide their sadness over the passing of their leader but little did they know this was to be the beginning of the prophecy of Dark hill .As it was tradition a new leader was voted in and was now in control of the village ,as the new elder he would inherit all the belongings of the past leader even the wife of the previous leader was take by the new chief of the clan and for a few more months the village carried on with no knowledge of the events occurring all over the country, events that would soon find their way deep into the valley that they had called home. They planted and harvested their crops women have birth and increased the population of the village. The young boys and girls were now women who had undergone the initiation right of their ancestors, but high above the Dark hill where the prophet could be found a dark cloud gathered and slowly covered the village a sure sign of the impending dangerous that was to befall the village.

Principium(the beginning)

Just as most of us here I have no formal training on how to write a blog or even what to put in my blog but I have chosen a topic which might only prove a little difficult to me the art of storytelling where I am from is an away of passing down the knowledge of past events it is a way of preserving the knowledge of those who came before us it is no simple task to narrate a simple story I know this but I choose to take up the challenge and make the best of this opportunity I have gotten so sit back relax and let me take you on various adventures, hope you enjoy each and every one of them